American River Youth Soccer League

LAWS of the GAME
7 Send-off Offenses
Cautionable Offenses

Click here for Laws of the Game

There are 17 Laws to the Game. 
All of which are spelled out in the link above. 
Not included is Law 18. 
Law 18 is the unwritten Law, the
"Spirit of the Game".

7 Send-off / RED CARD Offenses

    Serious Foul Play 

     Violent Conduct

     Spitting at an Opponent or at Another Person

     Denying the Opposing Team a Goal or an Obvious Goal Scoring
     Opportunityby Deliberately Handling the Ball (This Does Not Apply
     to A Goalkeeper Within Their Own Penalty Area)

     Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity to an Opponent
     Moving Towards the Players Goal by an Offense Punishable by a
     Free Kick or a Penalty Kick
    Using Offensive, Insulting or Abusive Language and/or gestures

    Receiving a 2nd
YELLOW CARD Caution in the Same Game


    Unsporting Behavior  

    Dissent by Word or Action

    Persistent Infringement of the Laws of the Game

    Failure to Respect the Required Distance When Play is Restated
    With a Corner Kick, Free Kick or Throw In

    Entering or Re-Entering the Field of Play without Referee

    Deliberately Leaving the Field of Play without the Referee

A Player, Substitute or Substituted Player Who has been Sent Off Must Leave the Field of Play and the Technical Area.



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